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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, November 11, 2020

High Gear Editor:  Paul Watermulder

Meeting SummarY

Our weekly meeting was on a national holiday (Veteran’s Day) which provided a good backdrop for much of our time together.  After president Emily called us to order, she asked US Army Colonel Alden Cunningham to lead us in the pledge of allegiance to our flag. 
As we sat back down, some noticed that we didn’t have the familiar image of Joe Galligan’s huge American flag hanging in the front of his house.  He and wife Helen are off celebrating their 30th anniversary—happy good wishes to you both, Joe and Helen. 
The erudite, thoughtful and helpful Mike Kimball offered our invocation citing the value of hand-me-downs with the American flag being one of our dearest of the group—from generations before who deserve both our appreciation for those who have served in our military forces and commitment to be more appreciative of their sacrifice, no matter how distant in time or miles.
Guests of the club included our speaker, Rick Coplen – US Army General (ret), and also Bill Blankmeyer, both retired US military with big connections at the War College, who are members with Alden at the Carlisle Rotary Club.  We welcomed them and settled in for a talk as if we were all sitting right there in Carlisle, perhaps at the Gingerbread Man diner, America’s largest truck stop (the All-American), Fast Eddie’s bar, or that candy lover’s special—the Back Door Café.  But I digress into those days when my daughter went to college in Carlisle at Dickinson. 
Announcements included
  • Thanks to Joe DeMaio for initiating a fantastic discussion on Monday about America and its future.
  • Thanks to Christine Krolik for her fascinating talk about Mercer tiles and their creator Henry Mercer.
  • Notice that Bob Doerr will be [finally!] presenting Zoom Tips and Tricks this coming Tuesday (Nov. 17) at 7 pm.
  • Save the date for December 16 for a all-membership Winter Holiday (used to be called Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, but you get the idea—this is a time to celebrate!) Party at Poplar Creek.  It will be, believe it or not, a drive-in movie style event with dinner.  Too bad the Face Book glass and steel monoliths down on the Burlingame waterfront just north of Coyote Point have long ago buried the once infamous Burlingame Drive-in, site of many, … oh, never mind.
Newscast—in a whole new genre: 
Mike Heffernan produced a wonderful slide show highlighting Burlingame Rotarians who have given military service to the United States, and boy was it interesting, bringing a lot of appreciation for that very high level of service above self.  It all began with recognition by the City of Burlingame of resident veteran Rotarians , then we got to our “sort of” official list from our club regardless of residence—here comes:
  1. Jim Shypertt – Army Spec 5 in 498th Engineer Battalion in Germany.
  2. Charles Voltz—Army Sergeant 1955-57 in Japan, supply corps.
  3. Alden Cunningham—Army Colonel, Ranger, Medal of Valor from Battle of Dak Seang, service 1963-1990, West Point, deployed also to Germany, Korea, Mexico, Nicaragua as well as several domestic bases.
  4. Emily Beach (Mayor) – Army Lieutenant, Air Defense, Ft. Benning, Georgia , Kansas, Texas, Saudi Arabia.
  5. Pierre Bouquet – Army second lieutenant, 1952-54, Fort Ord
  6. Mike Harvey – Army, Captain, Green Berets 1964-68, Viet Nam command of A team:  Two Purple Hearts, Two Bronze Stars.
  7. Tom Chakos – Army, Second Lieutenant, 1950-53, Motor Officer, Germany.
  8. Paul Nieberding, MD – Navy Medical Corps, Lieutenant Commander, 1958-1964.  Oakland Naval Hospital, Pensacola Naval Hospital, evaluated future astronauts.
  9. Mike Heffernan – Army, Second Lieutenant, 1967-70, Viet Nam
  10. Basil Emery – Army, Tech 4th grade, Army Air Corps, China-India airlift (0ver “the hump” of the Himalayas).
  11. Barry Parker – Marines, Sergeant, 1979-1984.
  12. Marilyn Orr – Flight Attendant & Morale Booster, Overseas National Airways (troop transport), 1969-71.  Japan, Bien Hoa, Saigon, Da Nang.  Daughter of Flying Tiger pilot.
Whew—this was a meeting for the record books as we learned so much good about so many of our members in what they have done for others selflessly long before any of us knew them.  Another round of applause and prayers of appreciation for these and all others, those fallen and those still with us.
General Rick Coplen took over after being introduced by our own Col. Cunningham, and we learned about Rotary Veterans’ Initiative (RVI), a non-profit that works to help US military vets achieve their dreams through scholarships and mentoring.
The General’s slides included several vets who are benefitting really well from RVI support.  One vet had become homeless and spoke of how RVI not only changed his life and that of his family for the better, but, crucially, how it enables him to “give back.”  President Abraham Lincoln was quoted from 1865, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan.”  This is the mission statement of RVI. 
RVI has developed a clear focus so their work can be of most benefit and effect.  It recognizes other needs and other organizations attempting to meet those needs, but focuses its efforts on education.  President Lincoln again:  “education is the most important subject we as a people can be engaged in.”  (1859).
RVI attacks this goal through partnerships at business incubators, as well as in certificate programs and also vocational training.  The point here being that all “education” is not relegated to 4 year colleges.
They work with four receptive institutions in their immediate geographical area:  Central Penn College, Penn State University-Harrisburg, Harrisburg Community College, and (a bit even further east) Elizabethtown College.  So far, they have directly aided 209 Veterans with $145,000 of financial aid, as well as uncounted hours of personal attention.
Their programs are available to all student veterans in the above institutions.  During covid their methods of personal attention include emails, phone calls, Zoom, small groups, and in person meeting up at places of business or at school.
For further information (or for donations!) – Rotary Veterans Initiative, 806 Alexander Spring Road, Carlisle, PA 17015.
Questions included several perceptive queries:  do you work directly with mental health issues or drug addiction matters (no, and yes).  Areas for program growth due to need:  suicide, mental health, more non-college training and education, and giving a helping voice toward formation of  a national policy favoring US military veterans for housing, jobs, loans, etc.
The program drew to a close and so did the meeting, upon direction of President Emily, who also commended the matters in this High Gear of Virtual Companions.
NEXT WEEK—Our Three Amigos (A pastor, a priest and a rabbi walk into a Rotary meeting …) by members Paul Watermulder, Jay Miller and Michael Mahoney.  Be there or be square!
Virtual Companions' Cards & Crafts Program presents our Winter Wonderland Workshops! Watch our promo video here!
For this intergenerational service project, we will have multiple virtual crafting sessions to socialize and learn how to make various crafts. We will collect these holiday crafts to give to our communities (e.g. hospitalized children, the homeless, healthcare workers, and isolated seniors/older adults). As part of our mission to promote intergenerational relationships, the workshops are open to everyone of all ages.
We will also provide free supply kits (including a prepaid return label) to make these crafts. Given limited funding, supplies will be given based on a first come, first serve and need basis. Please make sure that you can commit to attending when filling out the registration form.
We have multiple holiday & winter themed crafting sessions (~1 hr.) the week of Dec 6:
  1. Sun, Dec 6 @ 2pm PT/5pm ET: Watercoloring Cards
  2. Mon, Dec 7 @ 10am PT/1pm ET: Pipecleaner Crafts (e.g. Beaded Snowflake and Penguin Pipecleaners)
  3. Wed, Dec 9 @ 6pm PT/9pm ET: Finger Knitting
  4. Fri, Dec 11 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET: Iris-folding Cards
  5. Sat, Dec 12 @ 12pm PT/3pm ET: Cartoon Drawing Card
You can find more information on our crafts and materials here
Registration is open from 11/11 to 11/25! Register for a workshop session here: https://forms.gle/UMj5AY9WQsfVbQqa8. (The form also includes more information about the workshop)
For the individual or group representative question on the registration form, select “group representative” if you would be the one distributing the supply kits to your group and supporting their participation. You may also forward this registration information to other individuals that may be interested in participating. 
May I ask that you please forward to Mike Heffernan who was on our zoom meeting. I did not get his email address.  
If you have any questions, please email virtualcompanions.cc@gmail.com.
  1. Jim Shypertt
  2. Charles Voltz
  3. Alden Cunningham
  4. Emily Beach (Mayor)
  5. Pierre Bouquet
  6. Mike Harvey
  7. Tom Chakos
  8. Paul Nieberding
  9. Mike Heffernan
  10. Basil Emery
  11. Barry Parker
  12. Marilyn Orr
  13. Tommy Haywood
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To View Emily Beach Speech:
Passcode: 6q5unw.9
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