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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, November 4, 2020

High Gear Editor:  Frances Boscacci

Meeting SummarY

Welcome:  By President Emily Mathews
Pledge—Bob Doerr
Invocation— Joe La Mariana, as follows:
“Well, today is the day after, we are still trying to figure out, where do we go from here?  What I propose is we choose an urgent pathway forward that embraces broad inclusion, honorable leadership and an overarching decision making model that is based on the enduring wisdom and elegance simplicity of Rotary’s “ 4 Way Test : Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to All Concerned? Will it be Good and Build Better Friendships? And Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned? So I believe our wonderful, international Rotary family plays a uniquely essential and non-partisan role in making the world better. We make a difference locally and we sure make a difference globally. Madam President and my fellow Rotarians I respectfully submit to you that it has never been more important for Rotarians to lead by example to make this world a better and healthier place.”
Amen! And thank you Joe.
Guests of the club--- Alden Cunningham’s friend and fellow Rotarian Kimberly Lockwood. Our speakers Peggy and Tony Barthel, welcome all!
General Announcements by President Emily: First, congratulations to our member and new Hillsborough councilwoman, Christine Krolik. She and her slate, Sophie Cole and Al Royce, all won last night. Hillsborough will be a better place for that. 
  • The yearly Rotary Foundation fundraiser continues. So far, we have contributed $3200.
    By far, the easiest way to contribute is to mail a check to Bill Tiedeman made out to "The Rotary Foundation." Bill sent you an email recently with details of where to send him your check. He will forward the check on to Rotary International and fill out your raffle tickets to send to the district. He needs your check by November 9, for him to get your raffle tickets submitted. 
  • Emily introduced Father Michael of “Our Lady of Angels” church (OLA) in Burlingame. Father was asked to update us on the visible scaffolding around the church on the East side of OLA., on Hillside Dr. What is going on? He explained that on top of their bell tower there is a multicolor dome which, like the church, was built in 1950. Six months ago someone up the hill, looking down noticed and provided pictures of a crack on the dome. A drone was sent up to take more close ups. The drone photos, which Father Michael shared with us, revealed that a major crack represents the separation between the multicolor dome and a copper band holding it all together. So they had no choice but to demolish the dome. Now engineers are assessing any structural damage creating possible leaks etc. Then come the plasterers and tilers. The work will take approximately 6 months. This solves the mystery of what’s behind the scaffolding/!!!
  • Alden Cunningham introduced Kimberly Lockwood, as a friend and fellow Rotarian with the Carlisle PA Sunrise Club. He met her at a “Rotary Means Business” event and found the business that she and her husband started. It has to do with the RV industry and ties in with what today’s speakers are doing with “stressless camping” . Kim Lockwood then told us about their “Veteran Owned” business called “Upclose RV”, bringing together property owners and RV owners as an alternative to overcrowded and overpriced campgrounds. They have 40 campsites in 12 states, with amenities ranging from boat docking to full RV hookups. They are competing in semifinals of something called “Veterans’ Shark Tank “ . Last month they did the filming ofshow they hope to air in January at the Gettysburg battlefield, at one of their host properties where they got to talk about their business to “Fox Business News Trending Today” , look for it if you can. And lastly, they would appreciate if we followed them on Facebook and celebrate RV life, if you ae so inclined. She signed up with “Stress Less camping” loves our website and looks forward to getting the emails.
Sunshine Report: Jim Shypertt reported sadly that Tom Mohr had passed away. He successfully served the School District for practically his entire professional life. He was remembered by some of our attendees as the one who shut down SM High School because of structural designs issues after the Loma Pieta earthquake in 1989. He was on the board of Serra High School. He was a fine gentleman admired by many. He joined San Mateo Rotary, though, for which he was forgiven having formerly been a Burlingame Rotarian. Our fellow Burlingame Rotarian, Ted Kruttschnitt kindly shared this link about Tom Mohr, long time San Mateo County Administrator:
Upcoming Events: Announced by President Emily:
  • Zoom Happy Hour will be held at 5 pm this Friday November 6th. Please join if you can! Let Emily know if there are any issues joining.
  • Bob Doerr announced our next EVENING Zoom social on Monday, November 9th at 7:00 PM: In a conversation by Bob and Joe Di Maio, Joe made the provocative statement, “ It seems that the ship called the USA is taking on water with all factions fighting”. This is meant to be a collegial, stimulating and respectful exchange of ideas, and will be moderated by President Emily.
  • On Tuesday November 10th at 7:00 PM, Christine Krolik will lead a talk on Mercer Tiles, from her native Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She gave us a wonderful preview of coming attractions presenting samples of the ceramic tiles that have historically been a unique creation and craftsmanship of Pennsylvanians.
  • Bob Doerr also will be presenting Zoom Tips & Tricks on the next Zoom Evening Social, at 7:00 PM.
  • Great news about our Club’s Holiday celebration. President Emily confirmed our “Corona Safe Holiday Party”- Wednesday, December 16th. It will take place at Par 3, where the club will be hosting a dinner and drive-in movie starting at 4;30 PM with dinner at 5:00 PM and movie at 5:30 PM.
  • Burlingame Rotary “Flocking Events” continue. They are bringing fun and cheer to many friends of Burlingame Rotary. Order your next flocking on our site!
Burlingame Rotary Financial Update:
President Emily introduced our Club Treasurer, Mike Heffernan, who provided a financial overview.  Mike presented Highlights of the Club’s first 4 months of this fiscal year.  Coming into the Club’s Fiscal Year, in July, we were concerned over the financial consequences of the COVID pandemic and what we assumed would be our inability to hold our primary fund-raiser, the golf tournament. However, it turned out that, over time, golf courses were opened.  So just one month prior to the proposed date of the event, President Emily was inspired to reconvene the golf committee to plan a greatly simplified event, i.e., no auction and no dinner.  The results were successful beyond expectations.
Thanks to the Golf Committee, the many golfers plus generous sponsors, the event came together. Key income items for the 4 months are as follows, and compare to last year’s full 12 months:
Contributions: $1,354 (last year = $3,120)
Flamingo Flocking (an Emily inspiration!): $1,259 (new activity this year)
President’s Club: $9,973 (last year = $910)
Golf: $41,647 (last year = $56,601)
Total Club Revenue: $51,620 (last year = $60,631)
Newscast:  By Fritz Brauner and Jennifer Pence: It was very fun to play the game of “Two Truths and a Lie -about My Life” with our Burlingame Rotarian Doug Person as special guest. Thank you Doug! We learned more about him from hearing and watching Doug describe two truths and a lie about him. We learned the truths that he is a product of Nebraska. He graduated from University of Nebraska Law School, & worked in the Nebraska State legislature. Also, that Nebraska is the only “Unicameral State” which means it only has one legislature. Also it’s one of only two states that apportions their electoral votes by legislative districts. The most fun truth we learned about Doug is that in fact he is the Illegitimate Great, Great, Great grandson of King Carl the 15th… who became involved with his Great, Great, Great grandmother, a certainly beautiful “Milk Maid”. Doug is not a good liar, as we easily guessed, as group, that his second fact, having acted in a Shirley McClain movie, was indeed the lie!! Can’t wait to ask Doug more about his Great, Great, Great grandparents of the 18th century!
Program- Doug & Tony Barthel, to be introduced by Bob Doerr, actually at a later date. As our very informative and fun meeting run a bit late today, our speakers needed to postpone their presentation.
This is a preview of their presentation to Burlingame Rotary to be re-scheduled for another time:
The Great American RV adventure in Covid times
We are Peggy and Tony Barthel and we publish a website, podcast and videos about turning the Great American RV Adventure into a StressLess Camping experience. With today’s realities the RV industry is looking like the last bastion of travel and adventure in the US and, as such, RV sales and rentals are at record levels. But is the RV adventure for everybody? We have a free and fun presentation on the good and bad about RV travel and are very happy to speak to your service club via Zoom or other digital platform. We try to make the presentation fun and funny while also helping people decide if the RV adventure is right for them. We aren’t selling anything and are very happy to answer questions and give straight answers. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to be able to speak with your club. Until then, happy camping!
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Home Flockings
The flocks have been flying! Below are photos of our first two flockings. Details about home flockings and order info on the website.
Nov 11, 2020 12:15 PM
Rotary Veteran's Initiative
Rotary Veteran's Initiative

The Rotary Veterans Initiative’s (RVI) mission is to help veterans succeed by supporting their education, training, and job search opportunities.  RVI, led by members of the Rotary Clubs of Carlisle and Mechanicsburg North (PA), does this by providing scholarship and book/device voucher monies and career-focused mentoring to student veterans. Since 2015, RVI has helped 209 veterans achieve their dreams with a total of $145,000 of financial support.  RVI-supported student veteran achievements include their earning college degrees, trades and technical certifications, and leading community-based efforts to help homeless veterans.  Rick Coplen, decorated combat and peacekeeping veteran and RVI Chairman, looks forward to discussing RVI with us on Veterans Day.  

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