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Wednesday, March 06, 2024

High Gear Editor: Christine Krolik

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After we were seated with our plates of chicken piccata and other good eats from Sapore (thank you, Honorary Rotary member Jonnie!) -
President Cary Koh called the meeting to order and called upon new member Marla Silversmith to lead us in the pledge.
Cary then invited Scott Campbell up to the podium for the invocation.
Scott shared two quotes with us:
Some people see the glass half full, others see it as half empty. I just see it as twice as big as it used to be.  George Carlin
Almost everything will work again, if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.
Anne Lamott
Sunshine Report
Nancy Bush is recovering from back trouble.
Mike Horwitz called Cary from FL this morning, where he is visiting. He is not feeling great but hopes to be well soon.
Two get well cards were passed around the room for membership to sign. We hope both Nancy and Mike recover quickly.
No visiting Rotarians today, but some guests:
Jen Fong introduced Douglas Gee, Area Director for Galileo Learning
Jennifer Pence introduced her husband, Adam Feder, and also today’s speaker.
Dennis Zell was asked by Cary about his car. It was stolen in January from in front of his house in Burlingame, was found two weeks later in Oakland, torched. Dennis suggested that we have a safety briefing from Chief Mike Matteucci sometime soon. Dennis mentioned the President’s Club and asked Cary if he was willing to play his violin to solicit donations. Cary announced that he will be playing with his musician friends at our Rotary meeting on April 24th, and the Sunday before that at Burlingame’s Got Talent on April 21st.
Cary noted that the sign up for performing at BGT is up and running, and Marilyn chimed in that the site is also ready for ticket purchases:
March 21-30 our Japanese exchange students will be here. We still need housing for 1 or 2 of the students. Hosts should provide breakfast and dinner, but there is budget for that.
Thursday, April 11th from 10 – 11:45am will be interview training at BHS for the students. There will be a brief training session before the session, so everyone should feel confident participating. You can sign up with Jennifer if you’d like to take part.
Jerry Winges updated us on the India school project:
  • Raising funds for tech and infrastructure
  • Have raised $46,000 of $50,000 goal from 14 clubs DDF
  • Plus 40% from Rotary Foundation = total $90,000
  • $32,000 from individual and other club donations
  • $100,000 grant from large pharma company in India
  • Applying for an additional grant
  • Total potential $ for project = $225,000
  • Project due to be complete December 1st of this year
  • Bobba inviting all members to come to the dedication December 5 – 12
Jerry stayed at the podium for a breaking news alert: the newscast is adding a new segment, to augment 2 Truths and a Lie, Topical Trivia, Mark Lucchesi’s birthday & anniversary recognitions. It is called My Rotary Story.
Jerry called on Jennifer Pence to share her rotary story. Jennifer related that she had heard from a friend in another state that Rotary clubs do a lot of outdoor activities and are a bastion of liberal activism. She looked up Burlingame Rotary, since her business is located there, and showed up at a meeting. She was greeted quizzically by those at the check-in desk since she wasn’t a guest of a member, but fortunately for all of us, the members were gracious enough that Jennifer became the invaluable member that we cherish today.
Dennis Zell was called upon to share his Rotary story. In 2002, Dennis was running as the Republican candidate for State Senate vs. Jackie Speier (I think we know the results of that race). Joe Galligan advised Dennis to network via Rotary. As Dennis told us, “Politics came and went, but Rotary was here to stay!”
Jerry Winges originally came to a meeting in 1991 to spur business for his fledgling architectural business. Carol Hatch invited him, and Lage Anderson was President. Jerry related that, “it was the funniest most wonderful meeting that I’d ever been to.” Jerry joined our club because it was fun and there were ”good people doing good work.”  Cary opined that Jerry should be a future Club President.
Jennifer Pence introduced Dr. Inge Hansen, clinical psychologist, who was Director of Well Being at Stanford from 2008 – 2022. She is the co-author of The Ethical Sellout, “which addresses the ways in which we all face situations that touch our values and ideals and offers new ways to think about marginalization, privilege and self-interest,” in other words, “how to maintain your integrity in a messy world.”
After sharing some stories of real-life ethical dilemmas, the pillars of Dr. Hansen’s talk were centered around:
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Nuance
  • Growth
  • Exploration
As usual, members asked insightful questions during Q&A. Our talented Cary Koh shared his concerns about “selling out” when he made the difficult career decisions to transition from classical music, playing in the great concert halls around the world, to show music, playing for Broadway SF, to his current career in finance.  Jeff Krolik relayed an amusing story about a real-life ethical dilemma he faced in business.
Thank you, Jennifer, for bringing another interesting speaker to us.
Respectfully submitted,
Christine Krolik

Our very own Burlingame Rotarian, Mark Lucchesi has started a podcast for the Burlingame Historical Society called "Burlingame is a Small Town." He has interviewed a number of Burlingame Rotarians as well as other prominent folks in our community. You can check out his YouTube podcasts here.
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HIP Housing

Since its inception in 1972, HIP Housing has been a pivotal support system for individuals and families within San Mateo County searching for affordable living spaces or striving to maintain their current housing. The organization's comprehensive services, including the Home Sharing Program, Housing Readiness, and Self-Sufficiency Programs, collaboratively aim to avert displacement and homelessness. These initiatives link residents to crucial housing resources and strive to make the most of the existing housing supply and safeguard it, while providing essential support to help individuals tackle financial disparities and achieve stability. Annually, HIP Housing responds to thousands of inquiries, offering vital information and referrals for affordable housing.

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