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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

High Gear Editor: Joe La Mariana

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Leapin’ Leprechauns!
Rotary’s talented décor committee and house caterer, Sapore Ristorante, delivered a fab Irish corned beef feast with all the fixings.  Mayor Mc Krolik baked into the wee hours of the night to deliver buckets O’4-leaf clover cookies…it was all delightfully delicious!!
Hey Jerry Winges---let go o’ me bagpipes.
President Cary Koh began the meeting and reminded us that 1. our June 5th lunch meeting will be held jointly with the Lions club in their den and 2. Burlingame’s Got Talent 2nd annual event will be held on Sunday, April 21st Get your tickets now! President-Elect Nominee Doug Person then shared an epic thought of the day. It focused on the correlation between civic/community engagement and good mental health. Excellent words to live by!
Visiting Rotarians included Ron Karp (Foster City), William Li (San Bruno), Jyotika RoyC (Belmont-Redwood Shores) and ADG Adele Della Santina (Belmont-Redwood Shores). Guests of the club included Hannika Finones, introduced by Linna. Rachel Ni bought her colleague Matt and Susan Baker introduced a new merchant in Burlingame.
The Sunshine Report was positive. Our dear friend Nancy Bush continues to get better. There were no other items of note. No news is ALWAYS the best news in this report.
Madhatter Jennifer Pence gave a peppy update on the BHS Interact Club activities which proves that our time and money are well-invested in these high-achieving students. Calling all Rotarians—Jennifer also reminded us to sign up for the next mock interview session held on campus on April 11th from 10-11:45am. If you want to feel good and do good…then come join us! Sadly, Jennifer advised us that she left her “slap me, I’m Irish” t-shirt at home. Next year Jen. Next year.
Holy Autonomous Driving Technology Batman..buckle up ‘cuz it was then Waymotime!
Waymo’s Community Partnership guru, Rachel Kamen gave us a deep dive into the 16 years of their operations. This autonomous driving tech is a new way to provide safe travels for the community. This fascinating tech has three key components ---Lidar, Radar and cameras. Lots and lots of cameras. The Lidar is a 3D mapping system distinguishing between light and dark. The Radar creates a 360 degree perspective within a constant 1,000 foot range of the vehicle. Each vehicle also has 29 cameras mounted on it to gather real-time data to guide the vehicle.
All of this is done without any negative human traits (i.e. drowsiness, intoxication, distractions, etc.). The Waymo fleet is 100% electric so they’re all zero emissions vehicles. This extensive tech creates a safer vehicle journey.  And there’s no tipping. Sweet ride!  It’s Waymo-riffic!!
After a rousing round of questions, President Cary adjourned the meeting and we all hailed Waymo for our safe rides back to the offices!
Ride with Waymo One™

Our very own Burlingame Rotarian, Mark Lucchesi has started a podcast for the Burlingame Historical Society called "Burlingame is a Small Town." He has interviewed a number of Burlingame Rotarians as well as other prominent folks in our community. You can check out his YouTube podcasts here.
Apr 03, 2024 12:15 PM
HIP Housing
HIP Housing

Since its inception in 1972, HIP Housing has been a pivotal support system for individuals and families within San Mateo County searching for affordable living spaces or striving to maintain their current housing. The organization's comprehensive services, including the Home Sharing Program, Housing Readiness, and Self-Sufficiency Programs, collaboratively aim to avert displacement and homelessness. These initiatives link residents to crucial housing resources and strive to make the most of the existing housing supply and safeguard it, while providing essential support to help individuals tackle financial disparities and achieve stability. Annually, HIP Housing responds to thousands of inquiries, offering vital information and referrals for affordable housing.

Apr 10, 2024 12:15 PM
The Time of Our Lives - A Catskill Carnival
Apr 17, 2024 12:15 PM
Backyards to Ballparks:  More Personal Baseball Stories from the Stands and Beyond
Apr 24, 2024 12:15 PM
String Quartet Performance
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